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Wish you knew what your Yorkie was trying to tell you? Bowlingual Dog Interpreter !

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REEDER CASHES IN ON SICKLY PUPPIES He brings in lorryloads from Ireland

Billy Paterson Exclusive

AN IRISH dog breeder is making a fortune bringing over lorry-loads of sickly pups to Scotland and selling them to unsuspecting families.

Now Stephen Hamilton plans to set up a farm here selling up to 40 "pedigree" pups a day at L300 a time.

His scheme has sparked outrage among angry animal lovers and 1200 people have signed a petition in a bid to stop his planning application, which is to be heard tomorrow.

The Sunday Mail has uncovered cases where pups sold by Hamilton have needed medical care within days.

A vet was shocked after seeing a Yorkshire Terrier that weighed just over 1lb and had lice, mites and diarrhoea.

Hamilton is selling his pups including labradors, rottweilers, corgis, beagles and boxers, from Waterside Farm, near Galston in Ayrshire.

May Anderson, who keeps dobermans at nearby Newmilns, said: "Since the beginning of April, he has been bringing lorry loads of these poor puppies across from Southern Ireland.

"He has been trading without a licence and selling pups at top prices to owners who find their new pets are ill."

The Chalmers family from Edinburgh feared Bonnie, the shih tzu pup they bought for their disabled son Aidan, 7, was going to die within days of the sale.

His dad Andrew, 28, went to Waterside with wife Alison after seeing an advert. He said: "As soon as we arrived at Alison's mum's in Newmilns, the pup had diarrhoea."

She also had ear mites and her coat started falling out.

In addition to the L300 he paid to Hamilton, Andrew was hit with vet's bills for L200.

Hamilton had told him that he was covered by insurance for vet's bills for the first 16 weeks of the dog's life.

Andrew said: "I soon found out the policy wasn't valid."

Bonnie is now five months old and has been restored to good health. Andrew has reported Hamilton to Trading Standards officers.

Barrhead vet Marjan Fock examined a pitiful Yorkshire Terrier pup that had been bought from Waterside.

She said last night: "It was 10 weeks old and weighed just over 1lb. It had diarrhoea, head lice and ear mites."

The Yorkie's owner, Pauline Drummond, of Glasgow, phoned Hamilton to complain that he'd sold her a sick pup for L300.

Pauline, 34, said: "He just said: `Tough luck, the money's in my pocket.'

"Later, he offered to refund me if I took the pup back, but I wouldn't take a rat back to him, never mind a puppy."

In a report to East Ayrshire Council's licensing panel, Kilmarnock vet Alexander McKenzie said that he visited Waterside Farm on June 13 and found 49 pups. All were in good condition.

The panel is to consider Hamilton's application tomorrow. And it could be granted.

East Ayrshire's Head of Planning and Building Control, Alan Neish, confirmed: "The council has received objections but they cannot be accepted as valid planning objections."

At Waterside, Hamilton declined to comment.

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Bowlingual by Takara

Wish you knew what your dog was trying to tell you? With Bow Lingual, your dog finally has a voice. This innovative new product analyzes your dog's barks to determine what he or she is feeling. Pre-programmed for over 80 common breeds.